Weekend Trip, Part 2

My parents and grandfather drove through downtown to pick me up on our way to Holland, MI for the remainder of the weekend. I was easily able to convince the guys to stay downtown awhile longer while my mama and I shopped around Michigan Ave. Thanks boys!


We're becoming dangerously close to mastering the off-centered selfie!

Around 4 pm we made our way up to Holland just in time for dinner. I met up with a couple of close friends from Hope who still live in the area. One of my closest gals, Courtney, has the cutest beach house in all the land, located about 15 minutes from our college campus. Every time I visit Holland, I demand to stay with her because it's thee dreamiest (see below).


Courtney and I became friends my sophomore year of college, and we've been close pals ever since. We began as teammates, quickly realizing we had several other connections beyond sports. I love how God uses a platform like basketball to set up relationships. Something fairly trivial sprouting the least trivial thing of all. We've grown closer as the years have multiplied and continue to talk each week. She's dependable, passionate, and knows how to laugh at herself. I'm thankful for the sport of basketball for many reasons, our friendship making the top of the list.

The majority of Saturday was dedicated to basketball and more basketball. The alumni game was a blast (almost twenty of us played)! On top of it all, it was Coach Morehouse's 500th career win. History in the making and a special moment for everyone involved with the Hope women's program.


I always say it can be a dangerous thing to travel back in time. The past emotions are what we so easily get caught up in, yet it's the people who transcend time. Weekends like the past one remind me to latch on to this reality instead.

Until next time!