Traveling New Roads

Life update! Yesterday was my last day as a Nashville resident. Odd, certainly, and difficult. Yet I know deep in my bones it was a necessary move, and one I ultimately needed to make for myself.

From the outside it doesn't seem to make much sense at all, as I left a perfectly lovely housing option with two sweet roommates, a beautiful city, and a 2-year work celebration. Not to mention some concert tickets and a flight out of Nashville to Austin, TX. I thought I wouldn't leave my job at Warby Parker until at least the 3 year mark, but it goes to show God's timeline is truly never our own.
To leave my beloved small group and wonderful crew of co-workers was never going to be easy. Nashville has given me so much. I clutched onto them worried I was losing all I had "worked for" in the past 2.5 years. And that's where the problem lies-- I didn't earn any of it on my own. My God could take it away in a matter of moments, and the second I realized it, the decision to leave became infinitely clear.
Shauna Niequist talks about leaving a life of work to become a better wife and mother. She realized she was prioritizing co-workers, managers, even strangers, before her own family. If you look at my life as it stands now, many would say the same of me. To tell people in Nashville I was quitting my full-time job and moving to become a more loving daughter and sister seemed crazy, and proved exactly why I needed to do it.
I realize with 100% certainty this is going to be difficult, but I know with 101% certainty I'm entirely uninterested in a life without God leading the way. I'm thankful for Nashville teaching me to love my community, but ultimately love Him more.
Thanks to all of you for prayers and encouragement in this time of transition! And to all the lovely, warm, authentic, wonderful friends in Nashville I can now call family, thank you.