New York City

A few days back I traveled to New York City with my college pal, Courtney. We stomped all over Manhattan (about 200,000 stomping steps to be exact). We saw Waitress on Broadway, the nation’s favorite T. Rex at the Museum of Natural History, and the hauntingly beautiful 9/11 memorial. We ate Shanghai street food and cornflake chocolate chip cookies from Milk. Everyday around 3pm, we would buy a singular taco from a recommended spot and rate it on varying scales of flavor, toppings, and texture. We (almost) mastered the public transit system. We visited Hillsong Church for explosive worship just before heading back home. I encountered God in ways I didn’t know I would while visiting America’s favorite city. The extravagant love He gives, even to the ones with dirt on their face, a cup of coins in their shaky and dry hands, was overwhelming at times! The privileged, proud parts of myself couldn’t believe He loves even them. But He does. There is no “me” and “them” in the kingdom of heaven. It moved me in all the ways I didn’t know I needed, and I loved every second.