Anna Grace Kaufmann


I am so glad you made it to my little blog!

I started Queen of Tyrants after three years of hoping and dreaming. I was stuck between wanting to share my life with others and feeling selfish for wanting to do so. I believed my words were shallow, my photos sub-par, and my messages empty. A friend of mine uses the phrase “vulnerability hangover” to describe this feeling. I was perpetually stuck in a three-year bout of vulnerability hangover!

So here I am, three years later and thrilled to have reached a point of forward action! This blog serves as my accountability tool, and will hopefully provide laughs in the future as I look back on my life now. I also hope my posts will intersect in a meaningful way with all of you! Music, food, friends, travel, and other triumphant cliches will inevitably be mentioned, but my deepest hope is you will see the main message woven throughout each post. I am not the maker of “success” and certainly not the source of infinite blessing. I’m thankful to have a King Who does it all.